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Boa Project

Our Mission

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The Origin of the BOA Projet

The triggering event of BOA Project was the birth of her son Soltan. Soltan was born with a disability and when subjected to stress he is prone to epileptic seizures. For his epileptic seizure doctors have prescribed valium, in order to be able to cut his crises and t bring down his brain waves. Being a very sensitive child as soon as he was under stress, he could not handle it, his brain waves increase and he was prone to epileptic seizures.
Seeing her Child permanently hospitalized in intensive care with heavy treatments constantly having to sleep, Olivia wanted to outo herself, to innovate and find an Alternative solution to chemistry and Valium treatments. This is when BOA Project was born !


The Founder

Olivia Boa has an atypical  career; She started has a Model at the age of  16, Soon her passion for boxing caught up with her and she became a professional boxer. Parallel to that she studied journalism, but it’s the job of therapist that she has mainly been doing until today. Olivia has always been fascinated and passionate about human nature by it’s complexity and diversity, and also by the capacity of human beings to excel in in difficult situations.


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